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Do you like a wide variety of styles in your home? Or perhaps you like to think up new uses for traditional items like making a traditional chakki into a side table?! Well, you do have a style and it is called ‘Eclectic’. 

  • The word "Eclectic" conjures up images that are wildly imaginative or just plain crazy! But the fact is, what you think is a ‘chalta hai’ home décor trend is in fact purposeful and well thought out!

  • Eclectic doesn’t mean it has to be cluttered. Rather it is an arrangement of interesting objects that work together to create an arresting form.

  • If you love to mix and match; and feel that you cannot have a single overarching theme, such as contemporary, Indian or traditional, then this is the style for you!

  • Here, neutral background colours are played up against contrasting furnishings and unique art items.

  • There is always an unexpected use of materials and décor items. For instance, kites being used to decorate a ceiling or an old kerosene lamp becoming a light fixture.

  • Handmade items are mixed with store bought purchases to create a whimsical feel.