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We all know kitchen design is an up-and-coming trend, but did you know just how popular the Google search for ‘How to do up your kitchen’ was? You’d be amazed! Given how popular it is, we thought we’d give you a roundup of the hottest trends in home interior design and how you can add that to your kitchen. Take a look at just how you can spice up your kitchen:
  1. Colour: Kitchens really bloom with colour. While some prefer understated kitchen spaces with plain colours, others like to play around and go bold. If you’re a little conservative, stick to plain colours for your walls, but use subtle elements like flowers or more bold elements on your storage units. 
  2. Texture: To add dimensions to your kitchen, opt for textured walls or tiles. These add a hint of glamour to an otherwise plain kitchen area. You could choose textures like a wooden finish, lamination, or even a brick wall finish. These not only add to the colour element of the room, but also give it a quaint, unique look.
  3. Themes: While this is not a tangible element, themes are a great way to add magic to a kitchen. Choose a theme that’s close to your personality. Some of the popular themes with interior designers are tropical, Mediterranean, natural, all-white, and ocean, among others. But you could always choose to mix and match themes and ideas for an ultimate look that is truly yours.