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Imagine the importance of a living room. Where do you talk to the folks? In the living room. Where do you watch TV usually? In the living room. Where do you usually entertain guests? You guessed it, in the living room. For a living room to have the perfect colour scheme is of utmost importance since you’re spending so much time there. 
There are several colour schemes you can play around with. These themes can be for different purposes: 
  • Airy and spacious: How to make your living room seem nice and roomy? Easy; light and bright colours are the way to go. Mix and match your own set of colours and make a colour scheme that gives your living room a lot more aesthetic space. Try this out with select colours from Berger Silk and add to your living room interiors. Choose from colours like pure white, fawn, beige, cream and similar from the same spectrum. Throw in a primary colour and make it a little more modern. 
  • Mediterranean: If you want to add vibrancy to your living room, you need go the Mediterranean way! Lush shades of orange, yellow, blue and green make the walls of your living room pop out. The rooms a definite compliment fetcher, so be sure to entertain all the people you can. 
  • Young, wild and free: How’d you like to step into a living room that always has you excited? Not all mess is chaos and keeping that in mind you can spruce up your living room with colours that remind you of your adolescent days. Use patterned walls and posters with walls painted in bold hues. Remind yourself of living young, wild and free. 
There are several interior design ideas that might suit your style and purpose of the living room, but creating one from scratch and making it absolutely comfortable is something that can only be done by you. Be sure to paint some life into your living rooms. All the colours you need, remember to come see us at Berger Silk.