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Small bedrooms are tricky to do-up but the same rules that apply to opening up a small space apply here as well!
  • The scale and lines of your bedroom furniture can make a difference! Look for furniture with simple clean lines and if you must opt for antiques, look for less ornate and heavy options.
  • Cramming a bedroom with gigantic beds and side-tables will just make it feel smaller.
  • Cut the clutter. Remove the additional pillows and décor items that are adding to the chaos.
  • If you have a television in your bedroom, hang it on the wall.
  • Keep your seasonal clothing and other bedding in the underbed storage.
  • Opt for recessed bed-side lighting in clean lines.
  • Use wall-mounted shelving instead of stand-alone bookcases.
  • Use a wall-mounted headboard to save space or skip the headboard altogether and push your bed up against the wall.
  • Choose a calming color palette with light coloured furniture. Avoid heavy prints and deep colours in furnishings. Neutrals can blend well together and lend a sense of space.
  • Hang mirrors on the wall or choose mirrored bedside tables or other mirrored furnishings. These reflect light and make a space look bigger.
  • Sheer drapes open up your bedroom making it airy. Add on blinds  you can roll up if you want privacy or shade.