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Dining rooms are among the nicest spaces in our homes. Some of our favourite conversations have happened across the dining table, and it is full of sweet memories. So it shouldn’t come as too much of a task to revamp this room with the latest dining area trends in home design. Take a look at what’s hot in dining room design.

  1. Light walls: Make sure to opt for lighter shades for your walls. These give an air of spaciousness to the room and make it look larger. If you don’t have the luxury of space, you could choose to have large windows that help give a similar sense. Alternatively, you could have an entire wall facade as a window!
  2. Dark wood furniture: Dark wood furniture has made quite a comeback in dining room design. Opt for furniture in this shade to give your dining room a regal feel. You could contrast this with soft furnishings in bright colours to bring in a cheerful vibe to the room.
  3. Décor: Dining room décor is an art in itself. You could warm up the room with lamps and sideboards with vases. Flowers add a magical touch to dining rooms so go to town with them!
  4. Soft furnishings: Choose bright colours for your curtains. Curtains in yellows and reds will do wonders for a dining area. You could also choose to alternate prints with flat colours to add texture to the room.