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As you plan out your child's room, you will need a space that serves all these functions; and is comfortable and practical for several years to come. Storage and organisation is also key so ensure you keep that in mind when doing up the room.

  • Cars, planes, pirates, sailors and superheroes are popular themes. Neutral wall colours or colours like blue, sea-green and browns are usually preferred.
  • Complete your theme with inexpensive stencils, wall stickers and theme furniture and accessories. Most kids furniture brands create interesting furniture in cars and airplane themes.
  • The walls can also be textured to create a rugged effect.
  • F1 themes are also highly recommended for the slightly grown up boys.
  • Make sure there is enough storage space to keep the clutter at bay. Pull-out boxes below the bed usually does the trick.
  • Chuck the messy toy chest and instead hang organisers, drawers and baskets to clear up floor space, especially if your childs room is small.
  • Line up furniture against the walls, leaving enough space for your adventurous son to play.
  • A non-slip playmat (Hotwheels has a racing car playmat) is also a good investment, especially when the weather gets chilly.