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As you plan out your child's room, you'll need a space that serves all these functions — and is comfortable and practical for several years to come. For girls, there is no dearth of themes to choose from. 

  • You can choose from a wide range of colours in pastels and fluorescent and couple it with interesting furniture and décor.
  • You can pick a fairytale theme for girls who love to read for instance. You could decorate the room with maroons, light greens and sky blues for a more subtle style.
    The book shelf can be done in a deeper colour compared to the walls. This will lay focus on your princesses’ favourite hobby. 
  • The classic flowers theme is another favourite. Do it in beautiful colours - feel free to experiment with more interesting and unusual shades to create a unique look for your room. 
  • Always leave enough space on the walls for your child to display her art and stories.