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When you rent you rarely get permission to do up a kitchen and have to make-do with the landlord's shelves (or lack of shelves as the case may be). But there are some simple and inexpensive ways you can spruce up your kitchen and while you have to work with what you have - you can still make it work!
  • Lack of shelves?  Hanging a pot rack or pegboard open up much more storage in the kitchen and you can hang all your essentials on it.
  • Like the pegboard, shelves/wall storage systems are removable and hung easily. Just ensure you patch any screw holes when you move out. If you paint the shelves you can also have a pop of colour in an otherwise monochromatic space.
  • Paint the cabinets in the colours of your choice to brighten up the kitchen. This may not be allowed by your landlord so do check before proceeding.
  • Customise the kitchen with colourful containers for sugar and salt. Or remove ugly shelf doors, line the inside with pretty paper or just paint it for attractive open face storage.
  • Change ugly glass lamp covers for inexpensive replacements by scouring light shops in your neighbourhood.