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Floral designs and chintz patterns are in vogue – from Parisian runaways to home design. The bigger, the better, seems to be the mantra and while you can play it safe with delicate paisley prints, the trends of 2014-2015 lean towards big, bright and colourful prints. Ensure your home décor ideas are a ‘blooming’ success by adding a refreshing touch to your living room interiors and bedroom interiors - 
  • Real blooms are, of course, the easiest way to add a dash of colour but extending the blooms, to other parts of the house, requires a bit of thought!
  • Defying the normal conventional colour wheel that Interior Designers swear by, floral means a completely popped-out palette where vibrant and intense colours often clash with interesting outcomes!
  • Bright colours inject a sense of well-being and vibrancy. If you aren’t willing to experiment with your walls, go in for bright pops of flower power in cushions and paintings.
  • Tropical inspired floral textiles are a great option and contrast wonderfully with neutral or pale walls.
  • Pale floral textiles and more subdued prints are another option but these might just fade out into insignificance. A subdued floral inspired décor calls for a contrasting wall paint idea – textured or otherwise. 
  • If you aren’t willing to make a vibrant splash, intricate and more delicate pastel floral designs, reminiscent of the English countryside, are also in vogue appearing on cushions, tables, storage items, lamps and curtains.