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Your bedroom is quite possibly your most favourite space in your entire home. And while most of us love a cosy space to call our own, we often wonder how we’d do it up if budget was not a constraint -

Bedposts: Your dream bed must have palatial bedposts with drapes. These add a regal feel to your bed, simultaneously making the entire bed space extremely cosy. Opt for a heavy bed in dark wood, with intricate bed posts. Choose a thick mattress to add height to the bed, to highlight the regal feel. Drapes would look best in white, contrasting with the dark wood.

Accessories: Furnish your room with plush accessories in the form of cushions, bolsters, rugs, curtains and curtain drawstrings. These add layering, contours and colour to the room, and bring about a very sophisticated feel.

Style: Yes, we mean your personal style! Your bedroom is nothing without your personal statement, so make sure to fill it up with all things you.

Feeling inspired yet? Change is always a good thing, and there’s no time like the present! If you are stuck on a theme then furnish accordingly. So if you are India inspired go in for rich brocades and exotic lamps and if you prefer a more chic and glam look then get inspired by tips and tricks here.