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Nothing beats the multitude of colours and textures that you can find in Goa. Starting with the foamy blues of the sea and golden sandy textures of the beaches to the rippled greens of swaying coconut palms. There are some engaging ways to use the colours of the seaside in your living room. 

  • A sea green or sea blue couch is a great start. 
  • To simply maintain the colours of the sea, you can choose some nice light blue cushions, yet another colour born out of the sea. 
  • The mixed browns of seashore sand as a wall texture create a dramatic effect against the blues and the greens bringing your living room alive. 
  • Use green plants, white candles or earthen artifacts to add to the effect of a beachside home. 
  • Adding cane furniture and seashell collectibles such as a simple glass vase filled with sea-shells also works wonders for this style of décor.
  • Team this furniture with colourful accents such as a bright red lantern to add to the Goan effect. 
  • You could also go with interesting blue and green rugs. 
  • Complete the look you want by adding wall lamps, figurines or vases.