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Scientists have long studied the effects of colour on humans, and have proved that different colours affect humans in positive and negative ways. This is particularly so in the case of kids, who get affected a lot more than adults. Thus, if you’re looking to do up your kid’s room, give a serious thought to the colour of the walls and furnishing!

Here’s a roundup of the top 5 kids room paint ideas:

  • Red: Red is powerful and has the ability to energize kids and inspire them. While this is a great kid’s room paint idea if your little one is a calm little thing, it could prove counter-productive if used in the room of a restless child.
  • Orange: While largely under-appreciated, orange is in fact a great colour to do up a child’s room. Not only is it a warm colour, it also enhances confidence, and encourages conversation and extroversion.
  • Yellow : Yellow is mostly associated with positivity, happiness and cheerfulness. However, the colour yellow also aids motivation, concentration and memory. If you’ve got a restless little one, this is your best shot!
  • Green : Green is natural and soothing, and has a very calming influence in general. It is a great idea to splash plenty of this colour around your little one’s room; particularly, if your child has anxiety issues.
  • Blue : Blue again has a soothing influence on children. Shades could vary from deep blue to light. In either case, blue is known to calm and is a particularly great option for aggressive kids.

As you can see, warm colours work best. These enhance positive traits in a child’s behaviour. Cooler colours are not necessarily negative, but are largely associated with sterile environments. However, if correctly used, a combination of warm and cool colours works most efficiently.