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Sprucing up a small, dull-looking bathroom can brighten up your day! While you may not be looking at tearing out tiles or changing fittings, you could consider a new paint job for a fresh new look.
  • First figure out if you want your bathroom to be relaxing or energizing because
  • Even a small bathroom can look brighter and more attractive if it gets good natural light.
  • Choose white light, rather than yellow, which causes rooms to look gloomy and small.
  • Painting a small bathroom with highly contrasting colour can make it look smaller, so choose paint that isn't strikingly different from your bathroom tiles.
  • If you want bolder colors, paint the walls a colour and adding a more colorful trim/border or a textured strip.
  • Pale blue with gray undertones, moss and sea greens create a calming spa-like retreat feel.
  • To create a sophisticated look, choose lighter browns and shades of cream, such as ivory - these are warm and yet not overwhelming. If you prefer neutral, add pops of color with linens, accessories, and decorative items.