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For more than 2 decades, PANTONE® (Pantone Color Institute®), the global authority on colour, has been bringing the season’s palette trends and this year was no different with PANTONE® Radiant Orchid being declared as the colour of 2014.

  • A spring bloom, Radiant Orchid is a bewitching and eye-catching shade of purple that has since been incorporated by interior designers in paint, accent pieces and home décor accessories.  Effectively adding a splash of colour to neutrals such as gray and beige, Radiant Orchid is invigorating, and yet not overwhelming, complementing deeper greens (such as olive and army green) and pairing just as well with teal and shades of light yellow.
  • Come Autumn and the colour palette veers towards more earthier and warm colours, with the Pantone Color Institute® forecasting exotic shade of reds (Sangria and Aurora Red) coming into their own along with Radiant Orchid and a more elegant and feminine purple shade of Mauve Mist dominating wall paint ideas.
  • Stark grey was in vogue until a few years ago and it is back but in a new avatar dubbed Paloma. A softer and more feminine shade of grey, this colour blends harmoniously with silver and sand accessories and wall colours. 
  • Scrumptious Cognac is another season favourite in the same league as Paloma. Chic and classy, this is an autumnal colour that is far richer than brown and more evocative of a luxurious lifestyle.
  • Meanwhile bohemian Bright Cobalt is still holding strong. Not quite an atypical Cobalt Blue, this shade of blue has a green undertone and looks more striking than the other season favourite Royal Blue. A more plush variant of the perennial favourite Navy Blue, Royal Blue pairs well with beige, shades of chic sand and steel shades while Bright Colbalt works well with reds and greens.