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Making your child’s room less chaotic and making your life more is easier said than done. For all know, it is probably simpler to create a FROZEN themed bedroom from scratch! 

Read on, as our team of experienced interior designers share very simple ways you can organise your child’s room and make it more welcoming – irrespective of your home decorating ideas or room theme.

  • First things first, get down to your child's eye level to help him or her get organised. If you see things from a child’s perspective, you will notice that you might need to make a lot of changes. 
  • For most of us, space is limited.  If you find you don't have space for everything, it might mean you need to organise better or else, there are way too many toys! Every few months, toss out the broken toys and ask your child to pick out toys she has stopped playing with. Keep these in a carton for donation!
  • Start organising from the bottom up, keeping most used toys, books etc in the lower shelves and the less-used possessions in the higher shelves.
  •  Label storage boxes with names or if your child is too young to read, use pictures. This will encourage your little one to clear up by himself!
  • Lower clothing rods and child-sized hangers will help your child organise her own clothes while open containers (or see-through clear bins), stashed below the bed, could hold toys by type/size.
  • Speaking of toy boxes, they are the worst child’s room idea ever, for all they house is a tangle of toys – half of which tend to break when pulled from the clutter.
  • If you are sick and tired of stumbling over stuffed toys, here is a neat solution! Hang a net and pop them all in or use shower curtain rods as links and stuff in hairy paws and soft hands to create a doll chain.
  • Want a great kid’s room wall paint idea? You could chalkboard paint a wall and use it for lists, school time-tables, your child’s artwork and a whole lot more!
  • And if you think you have the energy to spin a FROZEN theme, well here you go - And here are some kid’s room paint ideas to go with the theme.
  • The Berger Silk Designzz (Stencils) range teamed with our luxurious emulsion range in shades of blue (such as Crystal River, Elfin mist, Safe Passage) will make the job easier. 
  • Alternatively you could opt for the Silk Illusions (Marble or Mettalica range) to create an interesting ‘snow inspired’ texture on the walls.
  •  Add on teeny lights, wispy curtains, a baby blue bedspread and white hanging snowflakes; and you are done!