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This year’s interior design trends are all about creating a dramatic impact!
  • Deeply saturated hues like navy, turquoise and plum are the new neutral. If a dark shade on the wall sounds depressing, start with colouring the focal point of your room or bring in a furniture element.
  • Plush velvet, earthy suede and even textured corduroy are making a comeback.
  • Floral patterns are always in style but this year’s trends are all about a modern twist or a funky take on a classic favourite.
  • Yes, harmony is safe but try mixing and not just matching! Don’t be afraid to bring on different colors, textures and finishes into your space.
  • Caramel and honey tones in wood are being preferred. Softer and lighter, they blend in with any design style and look less cumbersome than heavy maghony.
  • Cermaic tiles remain the most popular kitchen material but people are increasingly selecting stainless steel and glass tiles.
  • Many product and furniture designers are bringing corduroy into their focus this year.
  • Transparent, fresh and light, stylists are embracing sheer curtains. Woolen and linen are the materials of choice.