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For those of us who love cooking, having a good kitchen is a must. We all want something that embodies efficiency, functionality and aesthetics, and rarely do we find this perfect kitchen. The simplest way to go about it is to focus on remodelling your kitchen to bring in the aspects you want to highlight. A start to this would be an understanding of the latest trends in kitchen design!

Grey is the new white: Shades of grey are the hottest way to do up your kitchen this season. You could choose to splash it on the walls or highlight it in terms of accessories, fittings and cabinets. A light shade of grey looks more attractive and gives one a feeling of space, but is a little more susceptible to oil stains and grime. A darker shade of grey will result in your kitchen looking cosy and compact.

Classic: A classic look for a kitchen depends on only two colours – black and white. A clever interplay of these two hues works well to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen. For example, opt for white walls and cabinets to bring out a sense of space, but choose black counter and table tops that will hide scratches and tough stains to a large extent.

Colour me bold: If the above mentioned kitchen trends are too conservative for you, you could always choose to go bold! In this case, you could opt for bright colours for aspects like table tops, cabinets and sinks. These will really bring your kitchen alive, and make the place an absolute delight to prepare meals for your family in.

You could get a sense of the colours you’d like to do up your kitchen with from Berger Silk’s extensive range of colours. Choose something that appeals to you, and defines you. If this is where you spend a lot of your ‘me-time’, you’ve got do it up right to your liking.