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Famous for reinventing classic French pastries, La Patisserie Des Reves (or the Pastry Shop of Dreams) recently opened its Kyoto flagship store.
The patisserie is completely Japan inspired right from the interiors to the Parisian desserts which are crafted using Japanese ingredients.
The store is an interesting play of Japanese technology and Japanese aesthetics. On the outside, the store looks almost rustic and quaint. The moment you step over the threshold, you are entering a 21st century hi-tech world where you will encounter a sleek and tantalizing display of colourful goodies stacked inside giant light bulb shaped bell jars set against a slick aluminum console.
Styled with a typical Japanese eye for minimalism, each bell jar is lit from within while seating is along the side of the stores and in the corner. The patisserie’s eating zone chairs are inspired by the bell jars while the seating along the sides is clean and minimalistic.