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No longer restricted to just floors and fixtures, brass and marble are making a comeback.

  • Marble accents are all in vogue and we are not talking about just countertops and floors! Marble is being used as coffee table tops and lamp bases and more.
  • Marbelised patterns in interesting colours look attractive as well!
  • Not just restricted to knickknacks and furniture, funky bright marbelised patterns are being seen on rugs and bedding as well!
  • Warm metals such as gold and brass have been used as fixtures and handles for years but now folk are opting for a more glam look by embracing the metals in their entirety.
  • While many feel bright gold is way over-the-top, brass is less ostentatious while aged brass has a classic appeal.
  • Gold still has its place but the metal is often treated as beaten, brushed or etched.
  • Marrying the best of both worlds, brass metal tones can be given a sheen with polished gold. On the other hand, the chic set prefer tarnished brass for a more minimalistic, industrial look.