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If you have a small bed room that needs refurnishing, a living room that just feels cramped or a dining room with no space to move, here are some simple home interior design ideas & tips on how to maximize a small space

  • Paint the ceiling to make the room seem taller: Drawing the eye upwards will make the room feel bigger. A variety of tones available at Berger Silk can help you choose the right color for your home interior design

  • Visual continuity creates calm: Use light color paint on your wall, it tricks the eye into making the area is more spacious. It helps reflect light, rather than absorb it, and thus the space seem larger.

  • Customize: Try to make the most of hidden storage and multi-purpose furniture. Storage books, built-ins and custom items can help you utilize all space available.

  • Use bigger, but fewer, furniture: Make every piece count. Using a few large pieces in a small space can actually make it feel more open. Choose living room interiors that offer the most functionality for their size.

  • Trick your eye: Strategically placed mirrors will help create the illusion of more space. Try placing a mirror across from a window, to reflect light and make the room seem larger.

  • Furniture with exposed legs is better: Don’t buy a sofa with a skirt, or boxy chairs, but instead invest in bigger furniture pieces that have exposed legs. Visually, such pieces convince the eye there is more space available in the room. The piece in the photo is an example.

  • Use rugs: Using multiple small rugs to separate one room into smaller spaces. Placing rugs strategically around the room gives the appearance of having multiple spaces within one large one. Especially useful for home interior design in small spaces.