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Not many people have the luxury of a large dining room. For many of us, the dining room doubles up as a study or a play area; or it is just an extra space carved out of a large kitchen.
  • The most obvious first step is letting in natural light and using neutrals and pastels for the walls. Matching your ceiling and wall colour also helps!
  • Small dining rooms are often just teeny nooks carved out of a bigger space. Try to unify the dining area with the surrounding space. For example, if you have an open kitchen use the same scheme in the dining area with colourful accents to make it stand apart.
  • Choosing the right table and chairs also makes a difference. Armless chairs and a round table open up a closed space.
  • If you must use a rectangular table, using an extendable table.
  • Lowbacked chairs are another great way of freeing up space.
  • Adding a glass top to the table is another idea that works well as it causes light to bounce off it, brightening up (and opening up) the room.
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  • Avoid clutter and instead use just a single glass vase and candles on the table.
  • Invest in a sideboard or a shelf that fits neatly in a corner. Stash away your unseemly crockery within and use the open shelves to display more attractive purchases.
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