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Imagine stepping into a bathroom that reminds you of the great outdoors yet keeping your privacy intact. There are several ways to do up your bathroom to add that natural, forest-like touch.

Adding Tropical Plants & Colour - We all know that plants look beautiful and with the right kind of setting can also add a fresh touch to your spaces. Remember, the color scheme of your bathroom also makes a big difference to add a forest-like appeal to the bathroom. To suggest some hues that bring you closer to nature, you could experiment with shades of green, brown, white, beige, fawn, yellow, aqua blue

Rain Shower - There are several accessories that can add to your bathroom décor. Rain showers are meant to emulate the act of precipitation. A rain shower is one with a large face and is exactly parallel to the ceiling. Thus, it gives you the feeling of standing directly under rainfall in your very own private grasslands.

Astro Turf - Synthetic grass is used on sports fields and it is perfect because it looks like the real thing and is zero maintenance. Now imagine walking on that to enter your shower!

Pebbled floor surfaces, faux bamboo, an open skylight, and vertical gardens are other ways in which you give your bathroom a 'natural' touch!