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You want to give your walls a fresh coat of paint and intend buying new furniture too? Before you rush off to your nearest lifestyle store, here are some home decorating ideas that will ensure you are not saddled with unwanted furniture.
  • There is nothing worse than buying the sofa of your dreams only to find out it cannot be maneuvered into your room. Or getting furniture upholstery that ends up clashing appallingly with your chosen wall paint design!
  • The biggest interior design mistake home enthusiasts make is working without having a realistic budget. So first of all, figure out your finances.
  • Skipping the planning phase and succumbing to impulse buys is definitely not a good idea. Furniture that looked amazing at the showroom need not necessarily look good at home.
  • Do not start painting until you have selected your furniture and fabric. It is far easier to match your wall paint idea to fabric than vice-versa. Take fabric swatches to the paint store while selecting your color palette.
  • It’s best to freeze on a concept, complete with fabric swatches and furniture styles. Every interior designer uses a mood board and it’s a tool that amateur home decorators can use too. Follow the link to find out how to create a Mood Board.
  • You can also create your own Mood Board online here -
  • Before you purchase new furniture, ensure you measure out the room and its entry-way. Map out an area where you will place the furniture and measure the area approximately. Keep all these measurements handy when you go furniture shopping and then measure your chosen piece of furniture as well.