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Decorating projects can seem daunting, but the easy steps below will show you the way as we work towards making your bedroom more relaxing than ever -

  • Colours effect your mood and you should take into account how some colours can make you feel. For example, red, orange and bright yellows are vibrant and energetic but they are not restful. More toned down versions of these colours might work better in a bedroom scenario.
  • When picking a colour scheme, choose three coordinating colours. Some popular combos are a dull red, yellow and orange and chocolate brown, blue and white. Sea blue, green and white is another classic colour combination!
  • Soft blues, pale peach and off-white are tranquil but they might appear dull. These can be offset with interesting furnishings and curtains!
  • If your bed is already up against the wall, your headboard isn't doing much. Get it removed and instead use the wall behind for a stunning do-it-yourself mural or a textured panel that draws the eye or a simple graphic quilt!
  • Add a mosquito net or canopy to your bed to lend drama and keep the pests at bay as well!
  • Skip overhead lights and use lamps to set a mellow mood. Make sure all lights have dimmers.
  • Pile on the pillows, and don't shy away from mixing patterns
  • Using a combination of dark and light curtains also works best with the thicker curtains keeping out the early morning rays and the lighter sheers welcoming in sunlight during the day.