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Our simple do-it-yourself living room design ideas will help you make your living room less dull and more enjoyable and relaxing.
Build your room around a dramatic artwork or sculpture. To do so choose a colour or pattern from that focal piece and use small touches of it in you room in furnishings, curtains or elsewhere.
Don’t know which wall will feature your new artwork? Pay attention to the first wall you see when you enter a room, or the wall your eyes are automatically draw to when you enter. That area is probably the natural focal point!
Hanging an attractive mirror at eye level can brighten and enlarge a space.
Adding a plant or two adds a touch of freshness and vibrancy.
A room where all the furnishings or decor are the same height is boring. When you place your furniture into your room, put tall pieces next to short pieces. Same applies to small decor. 
Don’t set up an obstacle course with your furnishings and don’t cram a room chockablock full of small decor items. A room needs breathing space!
A room where EVERYTHING matches can also look dull. A common amateur decorator mistake, if you must work within a pallet, use colours that vary in intensity or hues. Alternatively go for contrasting colours such as balancing a warm colour with a textured cool colour.
If you rely only on overhead lighting adding additional light sources can transform the look of the room adding character such as an accent lighting over a bookshelf or an artwork or a large floor lamp.