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Beds are one of the most important pieces of furniture in home interiors, and you might want to make sure you get one that is practical as well as attractive. Here are a range of options to choose from - 
  1. Shelf beds: These beds are built into modular shelving. Not only are they  aesthetically appealing, but they work wonders on the practicality front. You could choose to play around with the shelf designs to add dynamics to the bed. Make sure you add colour to the shelves with books and knickknacks!
  2. Storage beds: Beds with storage could include box beds or beds with drawers. These make for very elegant style statements in a bedroom. Choose something in dark coloured wood for a regal appeal.
  3. Bunk beds: The Ideal choice if you have children, these could have two or more beds or they could be a stand-alone bed-cum-studytable unit. Built to last, bunk beds are durable and space effective, taking up half the space that two beds would otherwise occupy. Some variants include Inbuilt shelving and cupboards for additional storage.
  4. Low rise beds: Low rise bed trends are big in home interior designing these days. They look extremely elegant, and add an element of space to a bedroom. These beds are a great idea young couples who do not mind bending low!
  5. Pull-out beds: These are perfect for the guest room or in living room interiors where space is a constraint. Doubling up as a bed by night and a couch by day, pull-out beds are also a good substitute for bunk beds in the children’s room.