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There’s no place like home. But what if your home is the reason for your stress? Coming home to a cluttered bedroom or a messy living room can drastically affect your mood. Modern interior designers say a frills-free, minimalist interior goes a long way in alleviating stress. 

  • Are your tables and shelves cluttered with knick-knacks and your upholstery (and floors) layered with rugs and fabrics? Now this might make your home look loved and cosy, they also attract allergy-inducing dust mites. While no one wants a sterile home, pare down your furnishings and mementos to a bare minimum.
  • Minimalist homes are usually simple and symmetrical in design and layout. If there is junk, it is definitely stowed away and you can never see it! The neat, clean lines immediately make you feel calm.
  • Placing matching end tables and keeping matching décor items on either side of your sofa can actually help you feel better! Our brain loves symmetry.
  • Most minimalist interiors are relaxing because they are designed to look light and airy with the usage of neutral colours and a play of ample natural light. If there is colour, it is usually an accent wall or an accent piece.

So go on, take a survey of all the stuff cluttering up your home. Toss it out/give it away and you will automatically feel better! If nothing else, there will be a lot less dusting to do.