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What’s everyone’s favourite room in the house? The bedroom! And while we spend so much of our leisure time lying in bed, lazing around and watching TV, we haven’t really paid attention to it in the longest time.

  • Multipurpose space: A trend that’s greatly on the rise is a multipurpose bedroom. In this case, the bedroom space is treated somewhat like a hotel suite, with seating and a recreational area. The idea is to have the bedroom evolve as a home in a home.
  • Keep it serene: Bedroom design has undergone some major shifts in the recent past. As a result, serene, calming colours are making quite a comeback. You could choose white, beige, light grey or purple as your primary wall colour. These colours come alive when you team them with curtains with modest prints. For example, a white wall would look beautiful with beige curtains with a light print. Simple, yet elegant.