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Putting a child to bed can be painstaking, especially for you parents who’re working and are missing out on their sleep. There are several techniques parents commonly use to put their children to bed, but there’s one technique which not many parents think of. Find your child a bed that he or she can’t wait to get back into. There are several bed frames that excite a child and persuade them to get under the sheets. 
Depending on if you have a boy or a girl, there are several things you can do to entice the child to look forward to bed-time. For a boy it’s really all about creating excitement: 
A race car bed: For all you men out there, imagine if you had one of these as a kid. A low-propped bed with tires on all four sides signifies the word ‘cool’ for boys that age. When they think that they will be sleeping on top of a race car they’re bound to be excited to take a nap. 
Bunk Beds: For children with a sibling, bunk beds are ideal and the excitement of sleeping on another storey altogether will have them jumping up and down in excitement, finally exhausting them to sleep.  It’s a great idea for girls too! 
So what if it’s a girl? Focus on personalization: 
  1. Light colored bed frame: Use baby blues, pinks, turquoise and such colors and then mix and match with some kids rooms paint ideas. Make them feel like they’re in a fairytale. Through this you put your child in their comfort zone. 
  2. Tall bed frames: Install tall bedframes with light colored curtains. Create a border around the bed and hang curtains on them. That sense of security and warmth adds a very plush and comforting feeling for the child. 
There are several other types of beds that can come across as novelty for a child. Bean bag beds, water beds, sand beds and more such types can be great for afternoon naps. Remember to revolve your kids rooms paint ideas to be in-sync with the type of bed you are installing. Don’t worry, there are a lot of options to choose from at Berger Silk.