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Adding a personal touch to your space is a surefire way of making you feel at home; and what better way to feel at home than by personalizing the room where you relax the most?! Mixing and matching colours, playing around with textures, curtains, and soft furnishings …with so many choices, you’re bound to get confused and interior designers can definitely help you out but then that won’t be personalized ! To get you started, let’s talk about some common themes you can alter to suit your personality type!.
  1. Eclectic: This unexpected design uses different varieties of color, pattern and texture to create a cohesive look when combined. Try throwing in bright shades of magenta or royal blue and contrasting soft furnishings.
  2. Ethnic: This style features textures and bold colours to create a one-of-a-kind look. Add an Indian touch to your bed frame with embroided silk sheets, replace your dull fixtures with colourful glass cut lamp covers and use the whitest of whites as paint and there you go. You’re living in your very own mini Darbaar!
  3. Romantic: Choose from a wide range of soft hues by Berger Silk and couple them with delicate wispy fabrics and soft toned furnishings set off by wood furniture. Now that’s an absolute dream for any romantic! 
  4. Interior designers may give you ideas that have common themes but the trick is to create your own style, complete with quirks, that distinguishes your nook from the rest!