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Use the Berger colourwheel to find a colour that strikes your fancy. It could be your favorite colour or a colour that plays in your head –such as that gorgeous maroon carpet you saw on sale. Using the colourwheel figure out if you want to go for a tonal look, a harmonious scheme or a complementary scheme

Tonal -
Use just one colour but vary tones of it throughout a room either on adjacent walls or in the accessories and furnishings.

Harmonious - Pick colours next to or near each other on the wheel. This is a tranquil and restful look.

Contrasting or Complementary -
Pick colours that lie opposite each other on the colourwheel. This is more daring and makes an impact as each colour stands out very brightly against its complementary counterpart. As colour combinations or even an accent wall, these can be used to create a very vibrant and bold look.


  • When the colour black is added to any colour, we get shades of that colour which is darker.
  • When the colour white is added to any colour, we get tints of that colour which is lighter than the original.
  • When the colour grey is added to any colour, we get tones of that colour which adds depth.

So if you are aiming for soothing and peaceful, Tonal and Harmonious are your best colour bets however if you are up for drama that Contrasting should be your pick!